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Manitoba Master Angler Awards

Friday, 09. November 2007
Manitoba is home to the oldest master angler program in North America, 45 years and going strong. Last year alone, more than 28 000 trophy fish from 30 qualifying species were caught and recorded.
Your Own Official Record
Every qualifying Master Angler fish you catch is honoured with a certificate recording your success. A unique certificate is given to those anglers who catch-and-release a trophy fish. Set aside a special place to display the highlights of your Manitoba angling adventures.

The Sign Of Things To Come
The Manitoba Master Angler Catch-and-Release shoulder patch is given to those individuals who release a qualifying fish. The growing number of patches awarded each year is a strong sign of anglers' overall commitment to ensuring the future of our fisheries resource. Ninety percent of the Master Angler fish recorded in 2003 were released. Start your own catch-and-release practice by earning the one-time Catch-and-Release patch.

Looking Back...
We salute those anglers who, in 1960, entered 325 trophy fish from seven different species. And heres to the anglers who, in 2003, submitted 13,077 trophy fish from 28 species. That brings the total to over 100,000 trophy fish caught and registered in the Manitoba Master Angler Awards program in 40 years. It represents a legacy to the anglers who caught them, and the adventurers spirit that brought them to Manitoba. A toast to all!

Join the Masters
Look for the Manitoba Master Angler application form in the Anglers' Guide provided with the purchase of each fishing licence, or ask your lodge representative for a copy. The two criteria for entering a Master Angler qualifying fish are the length measurement, and the use of a hook and line to make the catch. In some cases a photo may be required to qualify your entry. Make it a practice to keep a camera ready for all the trophies that come your way.

Bronze Badge
Awarded only once, the Bronze badge is presented to anglers who catch their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the 28 eligible species.

Silver Badge (The Expert)
This badge honours the skill and scope it takes to catch one qualifying fish from five different species. The combination you choose to become an "Expert" is up to you.

The Specialist
Catch five qualifying fish of one species to receive the Specialist badge. Master each of the species and earn a different badge each time. There are 28 Specialist badges to be had.

Gold Badge (The Grand Master)
The right to wear gold is achieved by those who catch a qualifying fish from ten different species. A once-in-a-lifetime award, the Grand Master gold badge salutes the dedication, versatility and level of accomplishment of those who pursue this title

A Record of Success - All Time Angler Records A Record of Success - All Time Angler Records
View the All-Time Angler Records, highlighting the longest of each species and the body of water where they were caught.
Master Angler Record Book Master Angler Record Book
We've created the Master Angler Record Book - an online, searchable resource of all anglers who have qualified for the Master Angler Program since 1991. Click here to begin your search!
Master Angler Award Rules & Application Master Angler Award Rules & Application
the official rules for submitting your application to the Master Angler Awards program.

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