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About this blog:

Jeffrey Dodson of Naples Florida has been receiving messages from God. God is sending mankind a message that the end is near.

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Saturday, 17. November 2007

Love and Peace are the answer

Why is a question I ask almost daily, why me of all the people in the world, but God told me, that I am not the only one receiving his message there are others, I understand that I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, my grammar is horrible, spelling the same, so why would God choose me? Was it that my parents got a divorce when I was 7, was it that my mother died when I was 9, was it that my father was a bad parent, was it because I turned 45, why didn't I just go out and buy a new car, or was it because I couldn't go out and buy a new car? I go through stages, some times I am overwhelmed with the idea that God would give me a message to be shared, other times, I am angry because all ever wanted to do was be a drag queen, and make people laugh, then there are other times, when I feel that it is a voyage of self discovery, learning more about myself then any thing, the fact that there are spirits that surround us daily to help us. That there is an after life, that I have helped spirits cross over. I go into the super market and look at people and question why not them, they seem to have there wits about them better then me, there educated, there stronger believers, I have only been to church probably 15 times in my whole life, I am gay, what I have been told is that I need to forgive myself of things that I have done in the past, I have tried to forgive myself of those things, but like the Church of Scientology, I do feel that we record these events in our life, and replay them over and over when were under stress.

People can say what they want to say about me, I understand how crazy it sounds that you would talk to God, my own lover won't tell his friends or family of the messages I have received. God tells me that I am to go up to people in the store and tell them that the end is near, we all know what would happen then, I have found this to be a much better resource for I am able to spread his message to millions quickly.

I never could understand that if someone says they spoke to their dead Uncle Charlie, people will hear that and are truly interested, but if you tell them you talk to God, your crazy, even though without God you wouldn't be able to talk to Uncle Charlie, and that God gives his permission for people to talk to the spirits. Through out history men have been praised for talking to God, Mosses, and still others have been persecuted for doing the same. I am not seeking praise, I am seeking attention, but only for Gods message, so I post blogs, and update my website hoping to spread his message of the End is Near. I have said that "Why did I get such a negative message, the End is Near." I was told that it is not a negative message, but a positive message that we will be with our father soon, see that is a part of my problem, it goes to the glass is half full or half empty, I was always the guy who said, I want more water.

Good Night and remember God Loves You.

Prophecy of Bombing in Washington DC

Friday, 16. November 2007

Peace, Love, Faith, Praise

We are telling you of a world full of hope, and yet mankind continue to walk towards a course of destruction, man must listen to what God is telling them to do, man has been told three times what would happen if man did not change his course and aim towards peace god has said to his people I am a God of hope, but that in time your God will not allow what is happening to happen, for the sake of the universe God will show man that he is supreme, in the days ahead there will be more signs that the end is near, that God is showing his people the way home, but that if man continue to walk towards self destruction, God will only watch as man does what man has chosen to do, God is hear full of hope and love, but if you chose to walk away from God, he will follow you, and show you the way, man must listen to what God is telling them to do. God loves you all, but with love comes responsibilities, responsibilities to yourself, and to others. In the days ahead you will see signs, but you must look to the east for in the east we will send you yet another sign that the end is near, in three days there will be another bombing this, bombing will be in Washington D.C. the President of the United States will flee, as many run, and smoke, and fire wage against your sea

Is it true about another bombing in Washington DC?

Yes Jeffrey, it is true there will be yet another bombing this time in Washington DC the President will be the target, but he will not be hurt, there will be many more hurt though God does not wish this to happen, but mankind is bringing it upon themselves.  Do you understand this is not of Gods doing, but others that mean to harm the world.?

Very First Message Part I

Tuesday, 13. November 2007

Sign of the end

"The mighty forces turn to chaos when one turns around to look he will be gone, the next time you will see the city will be gone, if you look up you will see that the stars have gone, and the Prince of Peace is at hand.  Those who believe will live while those who don't believe will have perished, this will come to end. Some people will helieve that this will come to be, while others will continue to fight the facts, the smell of death will be in the air."

I asked about what city?

"New York City"

"This will come to end in three years unless peace can be brought by all nations.  If you choose not toe believe this message, it is in your fait that this shall become true."

"We have sent messages to everyone, who is receptive to this statement, but yet you continue to queston the message, how much time do you wish?  All must act to stop the following from happening, you must spread the word."

Todasy Message

Tuesday, 13. November 2007

todays Message

"We have a message for taday, that of Gods love for his people, God has given you three chances, and yet you continue to ask for more chances, how many chances do you need?  God shows you that there are only one way to see him that is to follow him into the light.  We have showed your three times that there are ways that you can change the planet, you must stop the destruction of one another, you must stop the destruction of the planet, and you must turn to love, love for thy neighbor, and love for thy self."

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The Signs Are On The Horizon

Monday, 12. November 2007

Signs on the horizon

 "The signs are on the horizon, people must not be afraid they will be with their father soon, God is telling his people to be prepared the end isnear, people must accept this to come to pass, but you will not have to worry for this will not happen to you, you will continue to live if only to profess what God is telling you.  We have given you signs that the end is near, but there are other signs that will be professed, some will hate you for it, while others will acccept is as Gods word, you must understand that God is sending you, and all mankind another messenger, that all must accept this to come to pass, that this time he will not be killed for mankind, mankind will be killed.  We understand that this is hard for you to understand at this time, but mankind was given chances to heal themselves, and they chose to hate one another.  God is sending you this message not to scare you, but to show you his love for his people.  We continue to ask that all raise ther heads, and ask Gods forgiveness this is not hard, but it must be done, if you chose not to believe in God, then you will perish, if you chose to believe in God you will live."


Prophecy of World War III

Monday, 12. November 2007

World War III Prophecy

"There are more things that will happen very soon, I have been telling you of things that would happen, now is the time I will tell you things that are happening, men are attempting to destroy the world, they feel that it is destiny that they do this, you must profess to all that will listen that the end is near, but that these men are attempting to start yet another World War, this World War will not be like other World Wars for there will be millions killed much blood, and turmoil, you must not let this happen the date is June 4, 2008."

Am I correct about the date, June 4, 2008?

"Yes my son, the date is of the end of time, unless you, and others can spread the message that this date is not to happen, in the days ahead, there will be many more signs that you will see, don't be scared for if the end is to be on this date, you will be with me, and my son Jesus Christ."

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