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Radar Five Media - The Art of Breaking Patterns. branding & design agency. Germany. News.

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Thursday, 01. January 2015
Dear all, we're wishing you a happy new year! Stay healthy, stay strong and positive and spread good vibes :) Just to let you know: We've recently launched our very own Fashion Brand: Daisy Skull (R). The current site consists of a Spreadshirt online shop: http://www.daisy-skull.de But: we're working on our own website, with our own online shop. We're currently waiting for print samples of our Daisy Skull logo. The next step will be: Printing T-Shirts, Hoodies and Longsleeves with selected designs. Stay tuned for more updates - on a regular basis. Sincerely, the R5M crew.

Launch of Itchycoomusicgroup.com tonight - Friday, March 1st

Friday, 01. March 2013
Tonight, we'll be launching the brand new site for London-based music label Itchycoo Records.

We're working on some details within the next couple of hours.
At about 9pm (GMT), the site will go online.
More details will be posted at the official Radar Five Media blog:


Also: make sure to follow us at Twitter:

User: @Radar5Media


Starting a cooperation with Angerer Design

Friday, 25. January 2013
Two weeks ago, we started a cooperation with the Design Agency Angerer Design (Valley, near Holzkirchen) and we already could provide new graphics and visuals for some of their clients.
The professional atmosphere in the studio is quite remarkable! and we're happy to be part of the design crew now.

Business Website for Inceptor Consulting

Friday, 25. January 2013
The launch for the website/project is now set for March, 2013.
We already designed and programmed the website, now it's time to optimize the content and work on the details. The site will be available in English and German. More languages will follow soon.

Working for Danish model, photographer and worldwide promoter Sandra Angelina

Sunday, 13. January 2013
We started creating new images of a series of photos from Danish model, photographer and worldwide promoter Sandra Angelina.
The artwork will be features on our official weblog:


Cooperation with London-based music label Itchycoo Records

Sunday, 13. January 2013
We started a cooperation with London-based music label Itchycoo Records which is owned by DJ/Producer Omar Salinas. The label is an established player in the wide field of electronica music; hosting parties in the UK, Spain and many more countries.

We start programming a website for a doctor in Geretsried

Sunday, 13. January 2013
This new year started off really good: we started 4 new projects already.
One is the re-design and programming of a website for a doctor from Geretsried, Germany.
We are currently setting up the page and designing a new logo + business papers.
The site will feature new photos and videos (we will both shoot), introducing the team and brand new technical devices.

We launched two new websites

Sunday, 25. November 2012
This weekend, we started two new websites which will have their very own purpose in the digital world.
Number 1:


This site will feature new strategical content in German only.

Number 2:


Posting in English, delivering unique audio-visuals worldwide!

Feel free to get in touch!

Sound Design and Production for a U.S. spoken word artist

Tuesday, 28. August 2012
Three weeks ago, we started producing songs for U.S. spoken word artist Guy Williams, Jr.
The tracks will be featured on a 4-track demo, that will be spread throughout the United States and the worldwide web.
The official Soundcloud channel will be announced soon!

3D animation for elefunds.org

Tuesday, 28. August 2012
We created a 3D animation for German start-up elefunds.org

You can find the video (17 seconds long) on our official site.
We also uploaded it to our vimeo channel.

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